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CEA SQ/AS Tyssähitsauskoneet


CEA SQ/AS Tyssähitsauskoneet

SQ/AS 121
SQ/AS 62
SQ/AS 100

SQ/AS models are suitable for flash butt welding solid material, pipes, profiles and hollow sections by obtaining high quality joints. They are particularly suitable for mass production with fully automatic controls aiding speed and efficiency.

Flash butt welding process
SQ/AS machines start the welding operation by slowly approaching, without contact, the two parts to be joined; then an electric arc strikes between them  and in a very short time they are brought to a pre-melting condition. At this point the two ends, in a semi-solid status, are heavily pressed one against the other by the upsetting force, which results in a totally impurity free high quality joint.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Air operated
  • Electronic control for the welding parameters adjust
  • ,ent
  • Movable jaw by guides bearing


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